Terms for Sale of Training

1. The level/programme/product you are booking/buying is the one you have ticked on our bookig form or communicated to us via your email or online purchase.
2. For the sake of clarity and the Distance Selling Regulations, any conference centre you attended is an extension of our business premises and as such in signing up to our programme we want you to feel fully committed in your decision to work with us.
3. Cancellations must be made within 14 days of your initial payment and an amount equal to the full RRP price of your home study materials will be kept as there are no cancellation right for our products. You will not be entitled to a refund after the 14 days. The pre-course materials for the first course you are due to attend will be sent to you via special delivery upon receipt of your first payment amount. If you are absent from the training room whilst training is in progress you will not earn your accreditation.
4. We don’t give legal or financial advice and you are responsible for all business decisions you make in attending our trainings or as a member of our licensee team.
5. You are required to submit any test papers at least 3 days prior to attending the training programme or as otherwise directed. If you have not submitted your test paper before this time you will not be able to attend the training and will have to attend the next available dates. We do not give any discount/compensation or swap the any training you do not attend to an alternative course if you chose not to take it.
6. The training days will take place in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. We reserve the right to move it to a more suitable location or different location and if this becomes necessary we will give at least 5 days’ notice but cannot be liable for costs associated with any change of travel arrangements.
7. If a payment instalment is missed, we will suspend service until payment is made. Instalment arrangements are made in good faith. We will pursue any payment defaults. All services/products remain the property of Superheroes until paid for in full. Your training manual/forum contents and materials are copyrighted to Superheroes Ltd and as such you do not have permission to loan, reproduce, republish or upload to the internet or other media our materials without the written permission of Superheroes Ltd.

8. If you wish to make payments by instalments or if you wish to become a licenced practitioner (which necessitates regular monthly payments) we will, with your permission, perform a credit check. We reserve the right to cancel our agreement with you if the credit check is unsatisfactory.

9. If you experience ill health, make a decisions to downsize or close your business, make a change of business direction, or a person close to you becomes ill (or any similar circumstances) you may send a qualified substitute as appropriate and we will do what is reasonable and within our power to support you.

10. All implementation of services must be used in full within twelve months of the date of the contract and cannot be carried over. Please talk to us if you anticipate any challenges with this.

11. Joining us is subject to completion of an enhanced DBS check, (every 3 years for licensees) completing your training and getting relevant insurance. We reserve the right to withdraw you from the team should any relevant history, which could prevent you from working with children and vulnerable people, be revealed.

10. You are not licensed to use our logo or branding in your business or advertising at any time unless we have given you our expressed written permission in writing to do so (for example by signing a licence agreement.) Purchase of our home study materials or attending our training does not give you any rights to use our branding or logos.

12. We will do everything we can to ensure that your relationship with Superheroes Ltd is an outstanding one. If at any time you feel it is less than 100% outstanding, please tell us first so that we can put everything right.