Not everyone can be a Superhero

The question is, could you?

Superheroes is a not for profit company that provides personal development to children, parents, teachers and other defined groups for the purposes of increasing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Our work is therefore therapeutic and offers personalised and group support.

We offer training, learning programmes and mentoring to raise measurable standards of attainment, confidence and resilience and have a specific programme for children, young people and adults.

We also create publications and products that underpin the aims stated above.

Our team is made up of our 4 directors and our extended team includes 17 further members. NLP is the primary skill set we use in our work around mental wellbeing but we include other cognitive behavioural strategies too.

One of our directors, Gemma Bailey, has worked for many years in the personal development field with both adults and children. She noticed how powerful and important techniques from NLP could be for a person in helping them to overcome fears, phobias, anxieties and personal limitations and how doing so could improve physical health. However, through her companies NLP4Kids and People Building, these methodologies were only available to those with the financial resources to pay for courses and interventions.

The purpose of Superheroes is to help individuals and organisations gain access to these same methodologies when they lack the necessary financial resources to access these services. We seek out beneficiaries who meet criteria, by working with schools with high levels of pupil premium funding and working with individuals and families in receipt of benefits. To ensure that families and individuals qualify and meet our criteria for free support, you may be asked to complete an application form which tells us about the benefits you receive. You can find a copy of the benefits calculator here:

To become involved in the work of Superheroes, you can donate whilst shopping using the link below, make a donation to our Just Giving page: or contact us for more information.