Namita Bhatia



Having worked in the corporate world for 20 years, I realised it was time for a change. When I reflected on my life and considered the times I had enjoyed most, I realised it was the time I had spent bringing up my children. I enjoyed overcoming the challenges I had faced as a parent, and have achieved so much with them that I wanted to share these skills with others.

As a child therapist, I work with families in Pinner/Ruislip and surrounding areas who have identified that their child is not feeling or behaving as they used to. Often the anxieties children have, affect them in more than one way. Some may have problems sleeping at night, whilst others seem to have subtle changes in their personality that might cause them to become shy, refuse to go to sleep at night or develop anxiety-related problems or behavioural problems.

Some of my work involves coaching both parents and child on an emotional level. At other times we may need to look together into other health-related triggers, considering your child’s diet and routines as well.
I get a sense of real satisfaction when I see the happiness and relief that children and families get when we achieve great results. Children are fascinating to talk to – they are able to express to me how they feel and what they are going through as I am able to communicate to them on their level.

I have always enjoyed helping others and bringing the sunshine back into their lives. I help children to overcome their sleep problems, improve confidence and anxiety – very often these things are interlinked and making a change in one will have an immediate positive impact on the other.

2015  Hypnotherapy4Kids
2015  NLP Practitioner
2015  NLP4Parents
2016  NLP4Kids Licenced Practitioner
2016  Working with Selective Mutism: Children and Adolescents
2017  Introduction to Eating Disorders
2017  Certified NLP Master Practitioner
2017  Certified Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy
2017  Certified Master Practitioner in Hypnosis
2017  Certified NLP Master Coach
2017  NLP Trainers Training
2018  Body Language
2018  Certificate in Introduction to Eating Disorders
2019  Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
2019  Certificate in Menopause Training
2019  Smoking Cessation Masterclass
2019  Workshop on CBT Assessment and Conceptualisation