Mark Broom




I help children and young people to realise their true capabilities and teach them techniques that help to prepare them for the future challenges that lie ahead. In doing so I give them the skills to be ready to face life’s problems head-on and overcome obstacles that might have previously knocked their confidence.

I’ve been working with children and young people since 2004, first as a playworker and then soon afterwards by providing my own activity sessions within the school holidays. This proved to be very successful indeed and it wasn’t long before I was asked by parents to offer mentoring and confidence-building session with their children. I believe this is due to my natural ability to connect with young people and to quickly reassure them that I am there to listen and take their perspective into consideration. Even the most disengaged young people look forward to their sessions with me and are happy to open up which is a skill I’m very proud to have developed.

It was clear that there was a need for me to adapt my abilities and push forward and start working with children and young people in a more formal and therapeutic way. I took the decision to work in schools that wanted to provide mentoring to pupils who needed support, guidance and advice on an all manner of topics including confidence issues, self-esteem, parents divorce/separation, anger and resilience to name just a few.