Marie Doherty




I joined Superheroes as the director and treasurer in 2016 when the company first formed. Prior to that, I had worked with Gemma for several months in the other companies that Gemma owns.

Having completed a degree in law, I realised that I wanted a new challenge and that having moved to England from Ireland it would be unlikely that I would find the perfect job that offered me the diversity that I know I need to keep my mind stimulated.

However, I was lucky enough to get the job and haven’t looked back since. Being part of a not for profit company definitely keeps me on my toes. We are constantly learning and adapting in order that we can access the best opportunities for our practitioners and the communities we work in.

My other roles within Superheroes include liaising with the practitioners, schools and parents to ensure that we are providing a thorough service and that everyone has the information they need to help them successfully access our services.