IEMT Certification

IEMT is an extremely fast and effective method for removing negative memories and trauma. 
It allows a person to observe their past experience from a dissociated perspective, stops the emotions from being ‘tuned into’ and by breaking the association between the emotional impact and the event itself, allows them to put the event in the past. 

Best of all, it is simple to learn, powerful to use and for those of you who are working therapeutically already in some capacity, it’ll really boost your confidence as a practitioner. In fact, Matt Kendall, IMET trainer has told me that those who have trained with him have increased their reputation and their referrals have increased as a result. In Matt’s own words:


“If you don’t know this, you will be left behind!”
This training usually takes place at the weekend (the next dates being the 23rd and 24th November 2019 at London Bridge).


Since I know Matt as a trainer and am personally very excited to learn more about IEMT, I’ve got you an early bird discount on the course (£50 off) at £347 instead of £397.
You can also make a deposit of £97 to go on any upcoming IEMT training dates which will be valid for next year.
IEMT Training Purchase

Just so you know… People Building who have arranged this event, are giving their commission to Superheroes, a non profit company that offers mental health solutions to young people and adults in need.