Andrew Gosden: Episode 2

➡️Name: Andrew Gosden

➡️Home Town: Balby, Doncaster

➡️DOB: 10th of July, 1993

➡️Date of disappearance: 14th September 2007 (13 yrs ago)

➡️Age of disappearance: 14

➡️Last Seen: 11:25am at Kings Cross Station, London

➡️Outstanding features: Deaf in his left ear, Wore thick glasses, Extra curve on his left ear, brown hair that dropped across his face

➡️Age now: 27 (in July

The family home in Balby, Doncaster was where Andrew spent most of his time, playing video games and listening to music as well as playing boardgames, watching TV and sitting down to eat with his family. Kevin, Andrews dad, said that they were a very open family and felt like they could talk through anything.

Andrew was a very quiet young boy and at just 14 he took part in a talented and gifted school programme over the summer holidays, which he thoroughly enjoyed and thrived in.

On the 14th of September 2007 Andrew disappeared and hasn’t been seen since after taking a secret trip to London.…

🧐If you see Andrew please contact

South Yorks Police on 0114-220 2020

Missing People on 116 000

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