Alan Broom



My mission in Superheroes is to get more people, schools and communities talking about mental health and well-being. I remember many years ago, the word ‘mental health’ was very seldom used in society. However, it is gradually increasing with the help of governmental funding, not-for-profit organisations like superheroes and schools to make others aware of the need to support our children’s future developments.

Superheroes is not only for children and young people we also provide personal development to parents and teachers to ensure support and tools are given to all who have access to our little people!

The primary skills we use is NLP which contain very powerful and important techniques for helping people to overcome fears and phobia, overcome stress and anxiety and loads more.

Our Superheroes Therapists carry out a wide range of services:

  • 1:1 private therapy sessions
  • Children workshops
  • Parents workshops
  • Community workshops
  • Sports clubs programmes
  • School programmes
  • Local projects all year round.

To become involved in the work of Superheroes, you can donate whilst shopping using the link below, make a donation to our Just Giving page: or contact us for more information.