I have spent most of my working life as an estate agent, running my own business since 1998. Previously I have been a publican, a banker, a door to door salesman and a few other things.

While my children were going through school, I had various meetings and discussions with teachers over issues that came up. I discussed many of these same issues with other parents like we all do. The secondary school teachers we met generally were hard-pressed to meet curriculum demands and some children’s needs were likely to slip through the net.

A child with issues over a family bereavement, stressing out over exams, anxiety, phobias, trying to deal with a parental split or perhaps the arrival of a new sibling was unlikely to find resolution in the school environment. Such issues often cannot be addressed by even the most caring school system through a lack of time and resources. These are the areas to name just a few in which I can help.

I run workshops that can also be helpful for parents in or out of the school environment. In many cases, one to one therapy sessions can be held for children within the school but I also work with children offering therapy on a one to one basis having been contacted directly by parents.

As an experienced businessman, I am used to identifying and finding answers for situations of all kinds. I get to the root of issues swiftly using this practical approach. Throughout my time in business, I have frequently seen the difficulties caused by unaddressed childhood issues. When dealing with staff and clients alike I have had to resolve many times deep-rooted misconceptions. Challenging behaviour is often borne out of childhood experiences.

Established programmes are used to help children manage their own emotional state and to become inspired and motivated by the opportunity’s life presents them. I teach them how to build valuable relationships, confidence, self-esteem and how to eliminate troubling past events. Every child has the right to reach their potential.

I work with children & young people in the following areas:

  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Exam Stress
  • Body image
  • Bullying
  • Communication
  • Confidence in self-esteem
  • Exam stress
  • Fears and phobias
  • Goal setting
  • And loads more

Through my qualification in Hypnotherapy4Kids and NLP Techniques I use with children and young people, they can reap huge rewards for themselves, their family and those around them.